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New Recruits


We are Rapid Withdrawal a faction warfare corporation. We are also one of the top corporation in the game being constantly 1 of the top 10 corporation in kills. We are member of the relatively new Pen Is Out alliance. We are comprised of pilots from all levels of skill points and from all parts of the world with member in all the major time zones. We are a content drive corporation who is always looking for a good fight.

What do we offer our pilots?

Being a member of RDRAW awards you with a multitude of in and out of game services.

  • Corp Jump freighter service. Moving war goods from Jita 4-4 to our home station at no charge to you. This service will also run other supply’s and run to other destinations for anywhere between 70-100isk/m3; this is almost invariably cheaper than using a 3d party service, with reduced or zero collateral requirements. (Insert JF)
  • Corp Contracts. We have just about all of our doctrine ship for just above Jita price. We do this to keep things affordable for you the pilot and to put some money in the corp wallet.
  • Money making fleets. We have several fleets a week that will help pilots of all skill levels make isk. We run Level 4 FDU mission, Level 5 RSS mission, DED sites, combat sight, wormholes, and many more.
  • FC training program. For guys that have been around the block a few times and are ready to take a step towards leadership we have a program for you.
  • Regular PvP fleets. In addition to our many highly active solo and small gang pilots, RDRAW and its allies run a large variety of organized PvP fleets across every time zone. This includes BLOPs hunting fleets, roaming fleets, corporation and alliance level battleship brawls, all the way up to capital fights with our allies against hundreds of pilots. Chances are that, whatever the PvP you're looking for, you'll find it.
  • =====What are we looking for?=====

We are always recruiting and looking for pilots that will add to the corporation and the alliance as a whole. So of the more specific attributes would be:

  • Pilots that don’t bring Drama
  • A willingness to participate in corporation objectives
  • An adult oriented attitude
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Ability to have a good time
  • Willingness to fly what’s needed when its need (This means logi too)
  • We don’t have a direct skill point requirement but do have a skill plan that we would like all new pilots to train in to as fast as possible. WANGS skill training plan Training this plan will give you the ability to fly roughly 2/3 of our doctrines.

If you don't meet this requirements we recommend find another corporation. We are a tight nit group of pilots all looking to have a good time and always looking to take on new member to add to the madness. Any question always feel free to reach out and ask.

How to apply

If you interested in joining we would love to have you as a member of our team. Joining is actually really simple.

  • First is creating an account in auth:
    1. Select “Auth”
    2. Select “Register”
    3. Create your account name using your in game character
    4. Click “Register”
    5. Sign in with your credentials
    6. Select Add a FULL ACCOUNT API (It is recommend you use a key that does not expired as it will automatically kick once your key is no longer good.
    7. Select which character to make primary
  • Now that you have create and account its time to fill out an app.
    1. Select “Applications” on the left side
    2. Next all the way to the right select “Create Application”
    3. Select the corp you wish to apply too
    4. Fill out the application as completely as possible.
    5. Click Submit
    6. You Done!
  • Next join the correct in game channel. “Rapid Withdrawal Bar & Grill” or “Schneckt Pub”
  • Reach out to our recruiters!!

We try our best to make contact with all applicants in 24-48 hours but, sme things don’t always go as planned. If you fall into this acceptation please don’t take it personal. Just keep hitting the Bar & Grill channel.

Moving In

WANGS makes its home at the Sujarento IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support station. New pilots are encouraged to utilize the free Jump Freighter service to move there goods in. Most of the lowsec entry points can be camped and you run a high risk of getting killed if you don't know the area. It if you have questions about getting stuff moved please visit the rapid_logistics section of the Wiki or post in the freight channel on Discord.

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